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Fenway Park Tour

October 18, 2003
Wistful recollections of a baseball season come and gone were scattered throughout Fenway Park. Two days after the Red Sox' stunning loss to the New York Yankees, these pictures show a quiet ballpark on a day when virtually all of Boston had hoped to see it alive with the excitement the World Series brings.

President's Day 2003 Snow Storm

February 18, 2003
The day after the storm, actually. These photos show the snow on my street in Boston, including drifts on my and Mark's cars. This storm eclipsed the famed Blizzard of '78 in total accumulation, but we're taking the whole thing in stride.

Central Artery/Tunnel - THE BIG DIG

August 25, 2002
Almost two decades in the making, the Big Dig opened its tunnels to the public today. On a gorgeous Boston day, a predicted half-million people will have flocked to the construction site to venture underground, crossing under the Red Line to see what they've been waiting so long for. Click Here to see these photos.

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge - Boston, Massachusetts

May 15, 2002
The folks at The Big Dig opened up the Zakim Bridge for foot traffic today, and I braved the weather to take these photos of this eye-catching public works masterpiece-in-progress.

Virgin Gorda Vacation Pictures

February 2002
A beautiful and serene place, Virgin Gorda may be a candidate for paradise on earth. Our vacation took us around much of the island, with home base at Mahoe Bay. Here are pictures of the island and its features, including beaches, the Baths, and some of the activities we did.

World Trade Center 9/11/01

September 11, 2001
I had the misfortune of being in lower Manhattan the day the twin towers were attacked. These photos remind me it wasn't just a bad dream.

Boston July 4, 2000 Fireworks

July 2000
It might take years of practice to learn to photograph fireworks on film, but the digital camera let me take a major shortcut by helping me fine-tune the settings throughout the display. These fireworks, as seen from the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, are some of the most exquisite I've seen.

Boston, if you're watching, please bring these people back.

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