Virgin Gorda 2002  


Group vacation in the British Virgin Islands! Eight of us went to Virgin Gorda, staying at Loblolly Villa in Mahoe Bay.

The Villa

Loblolly exceeded our expectations and was a nice home base for our activities on the island. These pictures show the outdoor areas, the living room/kitchen, and one of the bedrooms.

The Scenery

These photos are mostly of Virgin Gorda, though the last couple are from Old San Juan, where we had lunch during a long layover in Puerto Rico.


Although the island is small and quiet, there were still things to do. The neighborhood tennis court provided exercise and entertainment. The long stretches of beach and shoreline were fun to walk through. In the southern part of the island are The Baths, where nature dumped a bunch of huge boulders, leaving a narrow path to a gorgeous beach. In Leverick Bay we enjoyed parasailing. We always enjoyed eating, but there are no pictures of our gluttonous dinners. Anyway, see the photos.


We spent some number of hours snorkeling, both in Mahoe Bay and elsewhere on the island. Eventually I decided to shell out the money to get a disposable, underwater camera because my digital camera wouldn't have lasted too long had I taken it down with me. These pictures are the few with recognizable subjects. I took a bunch more of fish and other things, but the fish were not cooperative, and the other things are indistinguishable from their backgrounds. So, I have just a handful of pictures to share.

The Flight Back

As always, there is much to be seen from the sky. The co-pilot's seat had one of the best views in the Cessna 402 the flew us from Virgin Gorda back to San Juan. San Juan was surprisingly vast, as shown toward the end of these photos
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